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From 10-15 September 2017 CTMA and Berklee College of Music (Massachusetts, USA) presented Outreach 2017: Learning to Live Music, a free  week-long jazz workshop series for high school learners, students, teachers and professional musicians. Working closely with Stellenbosch University’s Unit for Community music, and held at Stellenbosch University, the series was presented by six tutors from Berklee City Music in Boston, led by Faculty Dean, Krystal Banfield and included Professor Prince Charles Alexander, a multi Grammy award winning music producer.


High school and music school teachers and pupils from Cape Town, Steenberg, Khayelitsha and George took part in a special one-day school workshop over the weekend. A week-long workshop was then held for students of the Stellenbosch University Certificate Programme in Music Literacy. Headed by Felicia Lesch, this programme caters for students and community musicians who have little or no access to formal music education. During the week, these students received valuable training from the Berklee tutors in important skills such as ensemble work, improvisation and live performance.


Program Reach.

130 students including learners and mentors.

Watch the video.

Berklee City Music Outreach video

“My experience with the mentors during my stay at Stellenbosch has been stellar.”

- Prince Charles Alexander, Professor at Berklee College of Music

“Music and education transcend borders, languages, and cultures, so this is an extraordinary opportunity for our organizations to work together to forge new paths and create opportunities for young people worldwide.”

- Krystal Prime Banfield, Vice President of Education Outreach & Social Entrepreneurship at Berklee College of Music

CTMA main 36.jpg

Students performing during the workshop sessions ©CTMA

CTMA main 37.jpg

Program participants rehearsing  ©CTMA

CTMA main 7.jpg

Students rehearsing with Berklee City Music Professor Prince Charles Alexander ©CTMA

CTMA main 44.jpg

Live performance given by the program participants after the workshop close ©CTMA

CTMA main 52.jpg

Program students ©CTMA


Program group ©CTMA

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