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During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, CTMA produced several music videos in collaboration with notable South Africa musicians, composers and directors. The videos were intended to create some light entertainment for South Africans while they were mostly stuck indoors doing their bit to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

#TsekCorona! by Kaapkreools Collective

David Kramer, Emo Adams, Loukmaan Adams and Vino Prins in partnership with CTMA produced a reworked version of Taliep Petersen’s hit song “Welcome to Cape Town” in which the new song message is ‘Tsek’ (go-away) Corona (COVID-19).

The music video featured musicians and artists from around Cape Town filming themselves at home during the lockdown in South Africa. The video was immediately a hit on YouTube and played on several radio stations and TV shows in South Africa.

World in Union by PJ Powers & the Tygerberg Children’s Choir

A rework of the famed PJ Powers song, now featuring the TygerBerg Children’s Choir, hoping to inspire unity in light of the difficult circumstances faced by the world during 2020, carried a positive message to all South Africans.

“When I did it in ‘95 for theRugby World Cup it became a song of triumph and victory for South Africa, of unity and strength. This time around I approached the vocal with a sense of healing and hope in my mind, and without changing a lyric, I feel that is what we have captured in this version.”

Mandela Day Tribute by Amanda Strydom, Frazer Barry, Thandeka Dladla & Lumanyano Mzi

In honour of Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July, CTMA launched a music video in collaboration with Suidooster Festival, Jakes Gerwel Foundation, Nelson Mandela Foundation and Die Burger. The video was a new version of Amanda Strydom’s “A Child in a Faraway Land” and featured Thandeka Dladla, Lumanyano Mazi and Frazer Barry.

Lockdown Blues

CTMA produced a song describing the fatigue many people felt over the extended lockdown in South Africa. The cheeky tune was performed by the Bottom Barrel Blues Band including Robin Auld, Nico McLachlan, Schalk Joubert, Simon Orange, Mauritz Lotz, Tonia & Willem Möller and Kevin Gibson.

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