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Berklee City Music Learning to Live Music.

After the success of the first program, CTMA again partnered with Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) to present a week long workshop from 17-20 June 2019, focussing on various aspects of jazz music for high school learners, students and music teachers. Berklee brought 8 of their top tutors including Grammy award winning producer, Prince Charles Alexander, Prof. Ron Mahdi (bass), Chris Rivelli (drums), Leo Blanco (piano) and Misael Martinez (Berklee City Music Creative Director) who presented a workshop in creative and sustainable youth development to the mentor group. The workshop also included a Hip Hop component presented by Hip Hop producer and singer, Danielle Scott.


Learning to Live Music was designed to expand participants knowledge and vision through cultural infusion, improvisation, study in music literacy and technology, as well as performance and career applications in music. Berklee City Music fully immersed students in music making to inspire their voice and self-identity with professional purpose through an exploration of musics social cultural context, and with observations, study and practice in jazz, this culminated in an opportunity for reflection and a community wide performance.


Mentor participants were engaged in strategies to bolster their own teaching programmes, personal development as a musician and tutor, and skills in working with youths. The series also awarded mentors with access to contemporary popular music pedagogies and methods, and an introduction to the PULSE Music Method – Berklee’s online music archive and curriculum as an instructional tool for continued depth and growth as teachers.

Project Impact.

130 learners, students and mentors

Watch the video. 

Learning to Live Music - Jazz Winter School video

CTMA main 11.jpg

Program participants rehearsing with Berklee City Music tutor ©CTMA

CTMA main 19.jpg

Students performing for an audience of invited guests after completing the program ©CTMA

CTMA main 20.jpg

earners observing Berklee City Music tutor, Chris Rivelli ©CTMA

CTMA main 49.jpg

A tutoring session with Berklee City Music professors ©CTMA

CTMA main 9.jpg

The graduate class of students, learners and mentors ©CTMA

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